What other professionals say about Andrew

“Andrew’s experience with process improvement, commitment to the team and management skills allowed him to build an amazing team that was able to meet all deadlines seamlessly, even through times of transition.”

Amy MacArthur
Bridge Commercial Real Estate / Bridge Office

“I learned a lot from Andrew and really value my time working for him. He is a true leader who knows how to positively motivate his accounting and finance team members.”

S. Glinski
Senior Vice President
T5 Data Centers

“He had the ability to handle the toughest decisions on both a macro and micro level while balancing multiple projects. Though a tough negotiator with high expectations, his personality makes him a leader as he remains humble and understanding. Finding the solutions instead of looking for more problems is what sets him apart. The strength to provide both the “why” and to ask the “why” made each project, regardless of complexity, easier to understand. He is a partner that you can depend on regardless of the challenges he is addressing.”

David Haynes
VP Finance
HUB International New England, LLC

“Andrew Diwik is a partner that is able to digest, diagnose a business situation and help identify and evaluate alternatives that will take you in to the future.”

S. Maselko
Vice President
Marriott International Fulfillment Services

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