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Sep 14, 2008


"As a newly formed company commercializing an Ag-based product with exceptional market potential, our biggest challenge was to move quickly enough to get the business rolling but judiciously enough to avoid early blunders. Our management team brought market, technical, and operations expertise to the table, but we were sorely lacking in finance-related experience. Our business accelerator - The Entrepreneurial Development Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - saw our weak spot immediately and introduced us to Glenn Wiltgen, a B2B CFO partner. In our very first meeting, we were absolutely impressed. Glenn asked the right questions, knew exactly what we needed to do to secure funding, set up meetings for us with four different bankers, helped us refine our presentation, and then took us around to each appointment and facilitated our meetings. Glenn then worked closely with each banker to come up with a funding structure that both the bank and our company might find agreeable. He then helped us to select the commercial  bank that was best for our needs today and more importantly that would work with us for our future growth potential. As our company's virtual CFO, Glenn has done more for us in just two weeks than many full time executives accomplish in a year. Our goal is to remain lean and flexible as we grow our business, especially for the next three years. With Glenn as our B2B CFO partner we get exceptional finance-related expertise that won't cost us a huge salary, expensive benefits, and a corner office. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with our virtual CFO. B2B CFO is an exceptional service!"

Soyawax International, Inc   September 23, 2008

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