Do You Want A Cheap CFO Or A CFO Who Is Cheap

Oct 02, 2009

Of course, it's a trick question.  If you are the CEO or owner of a company with revenues under $75 million, then you want a competent, highly experienced, professional CFO who provides more value than their cost.  Good luck finding one under $200K after you figure a complete package. 

You may find several alternative "options"...  but beware.  A cheap CFO may be willing to work for a lower pay scale.  The obvious question is Why?  Perhaps they are unemployed and will jump ship as soon as the market turns.  Or maybe, they are only worth a lower pay scale, due to their experience level.  If so, what's in it for you?  Why would you pay a CFO full time, when you only need one part-time? 

In contrast, B2B CFOs are seasoned veterans who have made a full-time business providing long term CFO services to companies under $75 million.  They bring vast experience from their business lives and their partner network, and are managing multiple companies like yours on a daily basis.  They are self-employed and used to dealing with common business problems. 

They bring large company experience, as well as small and mid-size business expertise.  They have experience of large, complex business systems like Great Plains and SAP, but can help you tune QuickBooks to drive your business. They can help you deal with vendors, and they can help you build an Exit Plan to reap the true rewards of owning a business.  They can turn what has become a millstone around your neck, back into the growing company you once loved.

With over 3,500 collective years  of experience this is a unprecedented business resource - available to you on an as-needed basis.  Find a B2B CFO today at and see how we can help.



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