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Every Company Regardless Of Its Size Needs A Chief Financial Officer

Large companies employ top executives in sales, operations and finance.  They provide the strategies and management expertise required to bring in customers, competitively produce the firm's products or services and provide the financial management and planning required to maximize the firm's profitability and growth.

Small and mid-market companies also employ top sales and operations executives, but not financial executives.  The majority have bookkeepers or controllers who process financial transactions and generate financial reports, but they cannot provide the financial strategies or offer the level of financial sophistication, problem solving and strategic financial management the companies need to maximize profitability and growth.

Companies without a CFO are at a disadvantage.  Many small and mid-market firms have sophisticated operations and complex cost and financial challenges like large companies.  They need the expertise of a senior financial executive, but not full time, nor can they afford the cost of a full time CFO.  These firms often seek financial advice from their CPA firms who provide tax, reporting and general financial guidance, but do not have the corporate experience and specialized skills that CFO's excel in.

B2B CFO® provides CFO services on an affordable, part time or as needed basis and is the largest CFO firm in the U.S. focusing on small and mid-market companies.  With over 115 partners in 43 states, B2B CFO® provides small and mid-market companies with the financial management they need to prosper.

What are the benefits B2B CFO's bring to small and mid-market companies?  Cash, profitability and growth:




  • Timely & Accurate Financial Statements
  • Banking and Lending Relationships
  • Working Capital Improvement
  • Analysis of factors affecting profitability
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Exit Strategies
  • Expense Reduction
  • Operational Analysis and Improvement
  • Benchmarking and Executive Dashboards
  • Gross Profit Optimization and Margin Improvement
  • Product Line & Customer Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling





  • Financing
  • Financial and Strategic Planning
  • Proven Process for Helping CEO's Sell More
  • Sales Analysis Tools
  • Pricing Strategies and Quoting Tools
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies


In Summary, B2B CFO's

  • Allow Start-ups, small and mid-market companies the advantage of a CFO.
  • Help drive revenue and profitability that far exceeds the cost of their services.
  • Help reduce "administrivia" so Owners/CEO's can focus on leading their companies.
  • Help Companies without CFO's gain significant competitive advantage and improve profitability.


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