Testimonial - Exploration Company

Sep 13, 2008


I wish I had met Ken and read Jerry Mill's books 20 years ago when I started my first business.  I was a scientist with some great ideas for a business, but no real idea on how to implement them properly from a business perspective.  I had to learn a lot of things the hard knocks way, all which I can find examples of in the "book," and it cost me a lot doing it that way.  Ken has the ability to see our issues from an unemotional and outside perspective with a simplified business view that prevents us from making irrational or costly business decisions.   - John Fontana, President

About the Author

Ken helps businesses optimize their financial performance. He has been in business for 35 years with more than 20 years of Executive finance and operations background in start-ups companies to Fortune 100 firms. His extensive experience includes time in manufacturing, banking, distribution, retail and high technology companies. His diverse background covers management of finance, accounting, sales, procurement, inventory and facilities.

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