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Feedback From Alight Planning

Jul 24, 2009

Mark is probably the most knowledgeable client/partner I've encountered during my work at Alight Planning within several domains. First, Mark has experience with many small to mid-market budgeting and planning software applications. Mark is the guy I can [call] when I need to know the difference between Alight and some other budgeting application when it's not clear which tool is right for one of my customer prospects!

Of course, Mark has built models in Alight Planning and can quickly understand client requirements and translate this to a robust planning model using "best practices" -- in fact, Mark may even teach us a thing or two about balance sheet planning etc. When I say "us" I am including the whole team of seasoned "gray-hair" forecasting pros here at Alight!

Mark is an exceptional listener and question-asker. Probably my favorite part of my work so far with Mark is that he doesn't rush to promote ideas until they are fully vetted and "realistic". I know if I forward a lead to Mark to contact because they need more than software or are looking for some "CFO-level" guidance, Mark will always come through - most importantly, Mark knows where he can bring value to the table or is better off passing the lead back to me which reflects his integrity and long-term thinking about client relationships! I recommend with no reservations contacting Mark for anything related to mid-market financial modeling, strategic planning and accounting activities.

Ben Lamorte
VP Sales
Alight Planning

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About the Author

Lou Gehrig said he was the luckiest man on the face of the earth during his farewell speech in front of Yankees fans. Well, I guess that makes me the second luckiest man on the face of the earth. That's because I've enjoyed serving many business owners in a business-to-business CFO or controllership capacity since 2001.

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