Information For Business Owners

Sep 12, 2008

I have several presentations with groups of Entrepreneurs on topics relevant to their success.  I have included an outline of one such presentation entitled "  What should an Entrepreneur Expect From Their Financial System"

I am certain that any of the B2BCFO would be willing to discuss this topic with you.

  • Measurements of Short Term Success
  •  Key Drivers of Success
  •  Review Daily or Weekly
  •   Profitability
  •  Accrual vs. Cash Basis
  •     Trend Analysis
  •     Review Monthly
  •  Tax Planning
  •     Review Quarterly
  • Cash Flow
  •     Most Important
  •     True Key to success
  •     Understand Drivers to Cash Flow
  • Roles of Accounting Personnel
  •    Bookkeeper
  •       Records Information
  •       Does not understand meaning of Information
  •    Controller
  •        Records and reviews information
  •        Understands how information knits together
  •    Chief Financial Officer
  •        Business Person
  •        Understands Information and how it drives the business
  •        Is Strategic in Nature
  • Short Term Information
  •    6 key drivers of success
  •    Balance Sheet
  •         AR Turnover (DSO)
  •         AP Turnover (DPP)
  •         Inventory Turnover (DIOH)
  •        Working Capital Days (WCD)
  •  Strategic Information
  •       Forecast
  •       Budgets
  • How to utilize the Accounting Personnel
  •       Spend 10 minutes per week with your trusted accounting advisor
  •       Spend 1 hour per month with your trusted accounting advisor
  •       Spend 4 hours per quarter with your trusted accounting advisor and CPA
  •            Tax Issues
  •      Strategic Planning
  •            Numbers
  •            Story
  •           What behavior do you want to improve and how to measure
  • It will be time well spent


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