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My Success Story


What is Luck? What is Serendipity? Good Fortune in Texas.

While my wife and I were discussing the many choices for my career and investigating B2B CFO, we came to the conclusion that I should contact current B2B CFO partners in both Texas and Florida.

(Now, let me explain the reason that we care about both states: We are both native Texans and that is where our families reside. However, Boca Raton, Florida has been our home for the past 8 years and we really enjoy it!)

So, my investigation struck GOLD when Karen Chin answered the phone. She was at once informative, encouraging, and full of good news with the possibilities for working as a B2B CFO partner in Houston. Karen told me about a possible client she had visited with who needed exactly what my skills have to offer. She felt certain that this one client would be mine to lose!

I need to interject at this point that the six partners with whom I spoke were 100% positive about their working experience as B2B CFOpartners. Even so, there was something just too enticing about traveling back to Houston where my daughter and family reside. I might add that I had lived in Houston for 25 years before moving to South Florida.

By now you have guessed the end of the story: Karen and I met with the client, secured the assignment (10 hours per week for 3 - 4 months).  In addition, Karen connected me with another potential client and now I have 4 hours a week with them.

What about Florida you ask? Well, I don't have clients in Boca yet, but because of my contacts in Florida, I am working in NYC two days a week! Go Figure????

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