Morey Hecox President Of Cook Street School Of Fine Cooking

Sep 16, 2008

"Marty has proved to be a terrific addition to our team, providing a strategic dimension that we did not posses before he joined us. We have also benefited from some of the things he has available to him as a part of B2B CFO that we would have otherwise not known about."

Morey Hecox, President & CEO


Forensic Accountant

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About the Author

Marty is a Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney with over 25 years of experience in business management, financial planning, information technology, and software development. Marty comes from a 'Big 4' accounting background and has accumulated a breadth of experience leading and managing the fiscal, operational, and technological functions of companies whose industries include real estate, software development, e-commerce, law, tax, insurance, and public accounting. His expertise includes finance and accounting, legal/contract negotiations, e-business, e-commerce, strategic marketing, new product development, organizational development, and IT integration project development. Additionally, for over 20 years Marty has taught accounting theory, auditing, business law, and computer science to college students and CPA candidates.

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