Note From Bill Vanarsdale Of Eaton Hydraulics Former Boss

Oct 08, 2008

Ken has high intellectual rigor and is "street smart". He is quick to grasp new concepts. He is also quick to understand an issue and get to the core of a solution. One of the best I have ever seen.

Ken is great at turning business strategies into clear objectives and tactics. He got the organization at Eaton Hydraulics aligned with the strategic direction and worked to inspire buy-in and commitment to a shared vision and purpose.

Ken has high energy and passion for results.  He is very supportive of change to get results. He challenges the status quo.  He also sets aggressive goals, measures performance and drives improvement.

He is one of the best at establishing an environment of mutual respect and trust with his people, peers, customers and me. I have the highest respect for Ken - his character and ability. He created, promoted and sustained a performance culture.

Ken is the poster child for managerial courage.  He calls it like he sees it. There was never a question about what he was thinking or where he stood on a subject. It's what endears him to such a broad audience. He loves to confront difficult issues and take charge in tough times. He takes steps to get the job done while minimizing resistance. Supports others when they make unpopular decisions. He truly relishes leading.

Ken was truly a steward of the business at Eaton and inspired others to positive action.

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About the Author

Ken continues to build on his many years of progressive, wide-ranging financial and business leadership experience. While operating in a variety of large manufacturing and consumer products concerns, he successfully built and led exemplary financial and IT organizations with four different corporations over the course of his twenty year career prior to joining B2B CFO. During his corporate career, Ken held positions ranging from entry level Financial Analyst, to SVP of Finance, IT and Business Insights and Global Director of Finance and Planning while encompassing both domestic and international responsibilities. Ken has eighteen years experience in the CFO role at different companies ranging in size from $1M to $1.7B. His career has spanned numerous cities including Dallas and Pittsburgh with Midwest stints in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and, currently, Minneapolis.

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