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Sep 15, 2008

We contracted with B2B for a CFO to help our company implement recommendations from a study evaluating the accounting and finance function for our company and our parent company including staffing, processes and controls. We were faced with high turnover of the accounting staff, reporting delays and both board and management had lost confidence in the controller/treasurer. Marcia Campbell joined us as a contractor of the company to lead the re-organization as well as develop and manage the implementation project. She was quick to integrate into the organization, effectively developed rapport and trust with the staff and board of directors, assessed the key issues in accounting and finance, and developed a detailed plan to correct. She hired new leadership for the accounting/finance function and, working with the new contoller/treasurer, staffed the function and completed the implementation phase in an efficient and effective manner. In addition, she provided valuable leadership to assist our new manager of HR with the selection of and transition to a new payroll provider. Since we are a for-profit company and our parent company is a not-for-profit, we needed someone with an understanding of the tax and accounting issues for both types of organizations. Marcia had the experience and training to meet the unique needs of both companies and the project. And, when she ran into a situation or problem where she needed help, she called on her network of professionals at B2B who quickly stepped in to help. I would highly recommend both B2B and Marcia Campbell. She completed her assignment in a very competent manner and she provided additional value as a member of the senior management team. She connected so well with the board and staff that we completely forgot she was a contractor. From my perspective, her contributions far out-weighted our investment. She had a very positive impact on our company. Roger Shaffer, CEO

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