Testimonial - Performance Plus Inc.

Sep 15, 2008

I have gone through 2 different accountants before working with Albert.  The 1st said she knew Quick Books and could give me the information I needed and would handle the books.  It seems I received a lot of bills and very little accurate information.  The second guaranteed me I would be better off doing my entire payroll in house and he would handle the deposits.  Which I found out the hard way he didn't make them in a timely manner but had really good excuses to bad for me the IRS didn't like them.  Needless to say it cost me a lot of money.  Albert was able to clean up the messes get me on track and represent me with different people in a very professional manner and brings to my company a level of expertise and professionalism that this company has never had.  Bottom line I now know where I stand in all aspects of my business thanks to Albert.

Kathryn Horrocks



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