Testimonial - Tut Systems Inc.

Oct 15, 2008


Scott's business and financial experience were invaluable to Tut Systems.  As CFO, Scott hit the ground running and accomplished many successful goals in a very short period of time.  Working  as  a key  member  of the leadership  team  he  was  able  to  develop  a strategic business   plan  and  drive   the tactical  implementation  of that plan. He was adept at   developing   a comprehensive restructuring initiative that substantially reduced our operating costs.  Scott has extensive relationships and experience working with the banking community.  He  was  successful  in navigating the  lines  of  credit  that  provided  the  cash  flow  necessary  to successfully run the business. Scott also has extensive experience in evaluating and implementing complex M&A initiatives.  He   was   able  to  successfully complete  the  acquisition  and  integration of   a company  by  Tut Systems and  he  was   an integral  part  of   merger  of  Tut Systems  into  Motorola. Scott is a team player and a team builder. I highly recommend Scott to any business owner that needs an experienced CFO that can make an immediate difference for the business. 

Salvatore D'Auria - Former President and CEO of Tut Systems, Inc



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