Testimonial - 299

Sep 26, 2008

Randy's position as CFO for a large not-for-profit organization allowed me to know him in two separate capacities. As part of the public accounting staff for his annual audit and, most recently, as part of his finance team where I was able to witness Randy's efficient processes and learn from his years of experience.

Randy is committed to his profession. This is evident first by his years in the profession and his continued education which annually exceeds the normal CPE requirements by attending trainings which provide a fresh perspective on business management and processes. Secondly, Randy's constant search for new technology to enhance decision making while increasing efficiency thus saving costs and thirdly, his straight forward approach to addressing the real issues that truly impact the business. The combination of Randy's knowledge, processes and approach to business solutions are not only appreciated by those who work closely with him but proven to be beneficial to his clients.

Randy's years of experience, along with his positive business ethics, allow me to be confident when recommending him to companies that inquire. I would recommend Randy to companies in any stage of development as he has worked through many scenarios in different capacities of his career. Randy's history along with his desire for efficiency and leading edge technology make him an excellent resource for companies looking for that added support.

Patti Jo Harms
Sioux Falls, SD

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