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Jul 06, 2009

I was referred to Johnny this past spring. We talked and he gave me Mr. Mills first book "The Danger Zone".  I could not put it down.  "Core Values" really hit home, and the ground work was complete.  Finally a book written for the crazy business owners of America!  Johnny and I hit it off form the word go.  These words cannot do him justice! In a nut shell, I am convinced I was in "The Danger Zone" and I have solely Johnny to thank for leading me out.  Had it not been for Johnny, my 2nd generation business would be another failed statistic. I owe so much for the advice and countless hours he has served.  The most important aspect to understand is Johnny and I share common ground, and all the effort we have made fixing my business is NOT work. We made it actually a fun challenge drawing energy from each other, again find people with the same core values and committment to change without letting pride get in the way. Now that is hard to swallow.  Great job, B2B CFO and Johnny Gates! 

Angus Rae, President, Rae Management Services, LLC

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Johnny Gates has been building progressive, sustainable infrastructures, teams and processes for diversified manufacturing, distribution and service companies across the Southeastern US for more than 20 years. While serving as an Executive Vice President, COO, Vice President of Finance and Controller, he has been invaluable to enabling long-term business growth, immediate bottom-line performance improvements and maximum return on investments and assets to create sustainable value for companies undergoing rapid growth, turnaround and global expansion.

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