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Sheena Sabens wrote:

"Rick Daigle has been a true lifesaver for our company! He is a Quick Books wiz and I would recommend him to anyone (I plan on it). We originally hired Rick to come in and help with a few issues we were having with Quick Books, but we soon realized that he could really help us turn our business around. He has trained the staff on how to effectively use Quick Books to make all of our lives a bit easier (and to help run our business more smoothly). He is very efficient with his time and never wastes a minute of yours. I can proudly say that by working with Rick for a very brief period of time I feel confident to handle most situations that arise regarding Quick Books, and what I cannot handle I know I can get a quick answer from Rick. He is a honest businessman who is genuinely interested in helping your business. If you need help with your business, look no further."

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