Testimonials - Audrey Carpenter Colleague

Mar 14, 2011

I have worked with Tamara Clontz at Renfro Valley, LLC. She was my supervisor in the Accounting Department as well as two other employees. When she started at Renfro Valley we were using the computer system as a data base and she came into the company and set up all of the accounting functions in the computer to work together as they were supposed to. I was the A/R Clerk and she had all of the receivables feeding into the month end reports so that we were working more efficiently and effectively. The information that A/R and A/P entered were integrated through Peachtree, so it was easier to balance the month end. She also set up all other departments' computers to track all inventory and taught all the managers how to use the computer and be more efficient for their area. She actually set up systems in six different areas having each of those areas to feed into the accounting system so that it was easier to keep track of all the money that was being used on property and help her be extremely efficient in keeping on track with the budget and financial responsibilities for that company. In addition to all the responsibilities that she had on financial end of the business she also purchase and installed new programs to make the company better. She was also called upon to do some and most of the IT work because of her expert knowledge of the computer system. She is a very detailed and organized individual. Any company would certainly benefit by having her on their staff.


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