Apr 01, 2014

You should consider engaging the services of Ron Baker. He provides us with financial expertise and guidance and has helped all of our companies, Avatar Management Services, Inc., The School Bus Safety Company and That Transit Para Transit Company, for more than two years. Ron built our financial model, helped us develop budgets, established financial benchmarks and improved our Cashflow forecasting. He introduced us to several new ideas that are saving us money. He's committed to delivering value and it shows. He doesn't just make recommendations. He dived in working side-by-side with our grinders and minders (ask him about those guys) and helps us in practical ways. As a result, I've introduced him to several other CEOs. Ron brought in fresh perspectives and ways to save money. He introduced us to a cost segregation study, but it didn't pan out (for now). Later, he introduced us to our new P&C insurance provider. They provided us with more comprehensive coverage at lower premiums. The point is, Ron delivers value very quickly. Ron is a true financial professional who genuinely cares about my business. I consider him a trusted adviser and good friend. Please feel free to call me for a reference any time.


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