Business re-engineering to improve profitability, let our CFO services help you!

Jul 10, 2012

We help businesses, both large and small, with business re-engineering to improve profitability.  We offer CFO - Chief Financial Officers to help you find where you make financial adjustments, business management changes or simple recommendations to realign budgeting and planning.  Our CFO’s can arrange in-house hiring as well.

EngineeringThe CFO is the go-to guy who sees it all, they have the knowledge and experience to see your business pitfalls.  You need someone with business savvy to know when and where changes in your business patterns need to be altered.  There are many ways a CFO can help your business regain profitability, here are some:

A)    A B2B CFO® could help make a simple determination on how someone in your business fails to anticipate parts or commodities that will be needed and you always are paying an extra fee to obtain them in time to save work schedules.  Anytime you have to pay ‘extra’ for pieces, parts or services you may need an experienced B2B CFO® and don’t even realize it.  Keep in mind the CFO doesn’t order any of the materials of schedule the services that are needed, but he/she can see where unnecessary expenses like this are usually avoidable with a little pre-emptive skill set.  The CFO doesn’t necessarily have them, but he/she can certainly tell you when someone else in your agency needs to have them in order to save your business.

B)    A B2B CFO® can look over monthly expenses and spot the ‘little things’ that you’ve become accustomed to and overlook.  The ‘little things’ add up and you don’t need an accounting degree to see how you’re impacted daily or in long haul.

C)    An experienced B2B CFO® can tell when schedule overruns are being caused by poor front line management, or unforeseen construction delays that were completely predictable.

D)   An experienced B2B CFO® can alert senior management when your business is lacking some serious schedule accountability or lackadaisical attitude.

These are just a few of the many methods an experienced B2B CFO® can aid your business. The individual experiences that a CFO brings with them can be priceless, they have such a unique methodology of sorting out your business expenditures, things so obvious to them and blatantly hidden from the novice or inexperienced.

Keep in mind, that besides what the B2B CFO® can do for cash improvement programs for you, you also need to consider that the CFO is a perfect means of mentoring your financial staff, they too can help with improving or developing existing strategic business plans for your business.

We invite you to contact us for CFO assistance.


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