CFO Services Ensure That Your Business is Fiscally Fit

Jun 11, 2012


For it to be successful, the financial status of an organization must always be monitored. This task usually requires the hiring of a chief financial officer, controller, or at the very minimum, a bookkeeper or accountant. However, there may be obstacles in the business that prevent the hiring of a full time employee to fulfill this need. For example, there may just not be enough work to make a full time financial adviser economically feasible. This is especially the case with a small business.

The solution to this is to secure the services of a CFO or controller as needed for work at the location.Fiscally Fit

No matter how great your product or service, if your financial house is not in order, then you will not achieve your goals. Worse yet, you just might go out of business.” - Ken Weil of Consult Your

The method used to select a CFO when needed cannot be taken lightly. Since this consultant will be responsible for the fiscal health of the company, it is crucial the person be selected from reputable sources. A good place to start is the chamber of commerce and other networking organizations for referrals. Additionally, many CPA firms will be familiar with available CFOs in the area. Always evaluate prospective consultants qualifications closely so they match the company's fiscal management needs.

So exactly what tasks should a CFO be responsible for? These can include budgeting and planningmentoring of accounting and finance staff, making recommendations and assisting in the implementation of an accounting system, and management of audit preparation work.

Should your business need a CFO in Denvercontact us at B2B CFO. Their financial expertise will be a valuable asset to your growing business.




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