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Companies That Can Benefit From a B2B CFO

Strong, Growing Companies

  • Profitable but need financial strategies/controls to continue

  • Lack a solid infrastructure

  • Growing but not profitable

  • Cash is tight due to growth


    Struggling Companies

  • Have constant cash struggles

  • Poor profitability

  • Are profitable but can’t improve from year-to-year

  • Need new ideas to “break out”

  • Need help immediately or they may “go under” (turnarounds)

  • Need to reduce expenses and/or increase sales


    Companies/Owners Nearing Transition

  • Owners looking to sell or transfer their companies in the next 5 years

  • Owners who want to sell their companies for a higher value


    All Companies

  • Need a Game Plan with Financial and Goal Clarity

  • Do not use their financials to manage and improve their business

  • Need to better manage and forecast cash

  • Do not utilize financial strategies to increase sales

  • Need metrics, dashboards and better management reporting

  • Don’t fully understand product, line of business and customer profitability

  • Need better pricing strategies

  • Need to better understand job costs and overhead rates for costing and pricing

  • Need a strategic plan, business plan or annual operational plan or budget

  • Analyze new products, opportunities and risk without financial analysis

  • Need improved inventory, accounts receivable or working capital management

  • Have a CFO that needs mentoring or has too much on his/her plate


  • The CEO is “Alone at the Top” and needs a trusted financial advisor

  • The CEO or owner is buried in Administrivia instead of leading and selling


    We provide owners with a free, no obligation needs analysis and GamePlan™ to increase profitability, cash, company value and peace of mind.

Please contact Rick Perrin for more information: 608-576-3773

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