Testimonial - Dallas Electronics

Dec 15, 2010

Dallas Electronics performed electronic assembly work for Raytek, Inc., while Steve Mangelsen served as their CFO,  so I was aware of Steve's outstanding professionalism and extremely high work ethics.  Since bringing Steve on board through B2B CFO®, he has transformed the way my management team thinks about business, as well as the way they work together to get things done.  Steve's willingness to perform not only financial, but other analytical projects as needed, has helped me focus on customers and their needs.  His skilled guidance through this difficult time is invaluable.  If you are thinking about contacting Steve for help with your business, don't hesitate for one minute.  His ability to add seasoned expertise and positive, productive solutions is invaluable.  My only regret is that I did not reach out and contact Steve sooner.


Geneva Matta, CEO

Dallas Electronics, Inc.




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