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May 05, 2009


I might be out of business right now if it weren't for Mike. He has whipped our accounting system into amazing shape. In fact, he's made us more advanced and sound than any business I know of that is similar in size and revenue.

Get a basic accountant if you want to just cover the basic bases. However, if you want to really predict trends, plan for the future, gain the respect of lenders and partners, and insulate yourself from pitfalls and IRS issues, you need to work with Mike.

I've paid him a lot of money over the last year...and it's all money well spent. He's been an amazing asset to us. He's almost a part-time employee now. He's a great communicator, an expert in the CFO/Finance field, and is a man of great integrity.

Mitch Davidson, President

etc. Default Services


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About the Author

A business professional with over 30 years financial and business management experience working primarily with small and medium-sized businesses, Michael has worked as a Controller, Director of Group Services and Chief Financial Officer. In these positions he has not only lead the accounting/finance functions, but also has experience in HR, Operations, Administration and Network/IT. He has experience in distribution, wholesale, construction, direct marketing, transportation, FAA Repair facilities, service industries as well as public accounting experience.

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