Testimonial - Food Innovation Center Oregon State University

Jun 16, 2011

Bruce Seiler and I worked together at Wholesome & Hearty Foods, the original makers of the veggie burger called “Gardenburger.” I was responsible for Product development and Quality Assurance while working with the Gardenburger group. I have had the good fortune to have worked with a number of CFOs and Bruce is well respected and does a good job. He provided Gardenburger with a unique leadership perspective that was instrumental to helping Gardenburger develop and implement strategic and financial plans. While at Gardenburger, Bruce completed an IPO in 1992, scaled up the accounting team and systems to support revenue growth from $3M to $36M over four years, created the SEC reporting process, created investor relations and was a key leader in the profitable and rapid growth of Gardenburger. I would recommend Bruce for CFO of an emerging growth business based on his financial acumen, leadership skills and high integrity. Sarah Z. Masoni Product and Process Development Manager Food Innovation Center, Oregon State University


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