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Jan 27, 2011

“My company, TorranceLearning, and I began working with Debra in August of this year as we were beginning to outgrow our current accounting and bookkeeping set-up. We were at the point where we needed to add metrics and support for decision-making into our financial management picture. Debra started by helping me to define my vision for my company and for my life. Debra then helped us organize (and simplify!) our accounts and build some checks and balances into our day-to-day processes. Once things were cleaned up – which gave her a very good sense for how our business works – she and I went to town defining a few key metrics and setting processes in place for calculating them quickly, without a lot of extra work. All this with an eye to the original vision. Debra has trained individual team members at TorranceLearning, and she’s conducted an all-hands training session as well as we begin the process of opening our books to the entire team. Throughout the process, Debra has been a trusted advisor, sensible sounding board, and devoted fan. It’s not unusual for Debra to send encouraging & inspiring emails to keep me on the path to my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Debra to my fellow entrepreneurs!”

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About the Author

I bring clarity and focused solutions to perceived obstacles and create plans of action that propel small-to-mid-sized companies to the next level. I partner with small business owners on developing financial/operational systems and procedures that support sustainable, thriving businesses. ??

With 30 yearsí experience working with small-to-mid-sized companies on the financial management of their businesses, I bring a wealth of expertise and experience to small business owners that need solutions and plans to move their businesses forward. I work with business owners on managing IMMEDIATE NEEDS and/or planning for LONG-TERM NEEDS and BUSINESS TRANSITION.


In the past six years, I have worked with over 60 companies and built a thriving business consultancy from the ground up. Iíve provided CLARITY, FOCUS and PLANNING to clients in a wide variety of industries.
Iíve worked with business owners to:

? Improve cash flow
? Transition or sell a business
? Increase credit lines at lower interest rates
? Set up the finance structure and procedures to support growing businesses
? Create models to guide decisions about operations management and strategic direction
? Untangle messes left by bad-fit employees
? Train staff to take over Controller roles
? Resolve other finance-related challenges

When I work with clients the only items on my agenda, are their goals. Business owners worry. Sometimes they worry about the wrong things. I come in and show them what to worry about and fix it. Bottom line, I sell FREEDOM for the business owner.


Small business owners are part of what makes America great. I am inspired by the risks taken by small business owners. I admire their dedication to take a dream/passion and turn it into a business. I am honored and humbled when a business owner entrusts their business to me.

Reach out to me to achieve your business goals.

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