Hyaluron, Inc.

Mar 12, 2012

I hired Paul Souza when our Company had only 30 employees and revenues of $3 million but was rapidly growing. Paul quickly implemented financial systems and procedures necessary to provide the financial planning and controls necessary to support further growth. Paul took on additional administrative and operational responsibilities and never hesitated to get involved in sales, materials management, quality and other areas of the business to assist as needed as the business expanded to 120 employees and $17 million in revenues. Paul was instrumental in working with the management team to rapidly turn around the Company from potentially devastating losses resulting from the unanticipated financial crises in 2009 and played a crucial role in guiding the Company through a very successful sale to a public company in 2010. Paul served as a trusted financial and business advisor to the management team and his business experience, common sense management style and financial skills were invaluable assets vital to the overall success of the Company. Shawn Kinney, Founder and Former President, Hyaluron, Inc.


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