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John Plemons, Frac Sand Logistics

If your small company needs a great CFO, but you can't justify the cost of a full time big -league star, I have the answer: I'm a huge fan of Mindy Passmore CPA. She is with B2B CFO, a Management Advisory Firm.

As we grow our company to the next level, we realized we needed better accounting systems and controls, and I was introduced to Mindy.

She's brought incredible skill and value, and is now an important part of our team as we go forward. I'm just so excited that after 1 day per week x 3 weeks, we can see the way forward on finances and accounting, and I wish I had found her 4 years ago.

She's teaching us how to do this stuff correctly in-house, not just doing it for us. After she gets my folks trained, she'll primary provide oversight and guidance and advice, like any good CFO!

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