Kaos Softwear

Jul 18, 2011

Bruce was hired by Kaos Softwear six months ago to help our rapidly growing company through a turbulent period and to upgrade our financial knowledge and planning abilities. He started by setting clear financial goals with a simple road map to achieve them. He developed a timely and accurate financial reporting process, documented accounting policies and procedures and improved internal controls. Bruce has provided me with training and support as part of this process. His extended network of partners and other professionals has made it possible for us to make an excellent hire for our first staff accountant, to work with two real estate pros on finding space to expand capacity, to upgrade our risk management and to secure an operating line of credit to support revenue growth. Importantly, Bruce has been very open minded and easy to work with, even though our company culture is of a decidedly "different" flavor. I highly recommend Bruce to any business with a need for an experienced financial adviser who isn't afraid to tackle projects of any size or scope. He delivers results which have significantly added value to our business. Chana de Wolf Kaos Softwear


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