Learning To Tweet

Feb 15, 2010

Learning to Tweet      

By Wendy Nelson


I just finished reading the book “Twitterville” by Shel Israel.  I found this book incredibly compelling.  So much so, in fact, that it prompted me to sign up for Twitter to see for myself what all the fuss is about (@wendyatwork).


While I’ve been aware of the existence of Twitter for some time, I must honestly admit that I viewed it more as a social network than a professional one, and was unaware of the value to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 


It was incredible to learn that while Starbucks was a dominant force on Twitter, with over 750k followers, a small local coffee shop could benefit too.  There were terrific examples throughout the book of how companies were joining Twitter to improve customer service, and enhance consumer loyalty to their brand.  In fact, several companies now have entire departments dedicated to Twitter. 


There were touching stories of charitable efforts and the large (and immediate) participant response.  The companies and individuals highlighted in the book were all applying a slightly different Twitter strategy, but there was a common thread of integrity, decency, generosity. 


The topics in the book were organized into logical groups.  This allowed the reader to focus on the areas of greatest personal or professional interest.  As I read, I began to form thoughts and ideas on how Twitter could be used in my own business model.  Not only did I begin the foundation for my plan, I got ideas on how to implement it and track my level of success. 


I’m the first to admit that I’m new to Twitter, and a bit intimidated.  That said I’m excited enough to listen and learn.  I believe that joining the right communities in Twitter could enable all of us to do a better job.  We will become better informed on trends and new ideas.  We will be more comfortable with, and better positioned to recommend, new technologies to our friends and associates.  We will be able to share our experiences and best practices within our communities in an effort to help others to succeed.  The possibilities are endless.


Today, however, I will settle for more moderate success.  I have joined the community and sent a few tweets.  I am following a handful of the individuals discussed in the book, and a few publications.  I even have a few followers of my own.  I have arrived.

Want to learn more?  Click here for suggestions on how to incorporate social media into your website:  http://www.socialsmallbiz.com/2010/01/24/5-tips-to-social-media-ise-your-small-business-website/


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