Lokey Metals

Apr 14, 2014

Bruce has been instrumental in streamlining the closing of our general ledger. Before he began working with us, we were several months behind in closing; our CPA review was delayed and took longer than it should have because we were not prepared. Bruce reviewed our procedures and made several recommendations. We made the changes that he suggested and now we close GL on time. This year's CPA review was completed promptly in March compared to July last year. Bruce attends our monthly management meeting where he provides a different viewpoint in our discussions. His participation is welcomed by the managers and is questions and opinions respected. I value our discussions about the financial issues at Lokey Metals. I'm happy to recommend Bruce!

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About the Author

Bruce is an experienced CFO who integrates the operating processes with financial reporting resulting in improved efficiencies and business profitability. His focus on communication and education helps build organizations that understand their key success factors and how to challenge the status quo to drive targeted and measurable improvement. These efforts help all team members understand how their actions impact cash planning and budgeting with an increase in profitability.

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