October Resolutions Trick Or Treat

Oct 09, 2009



Yes, it may seem a little early to be thinking of resolutions but if you are a planner, like so many people, you are already making your lists well into the months of December and beyond.  With the economic storm of 2009, which we are all still enduring, maybe Planning would be a good thing.      Have your plans turned out as you had envisioned?    If not, you are certainly not alone.  With bankruptcies, foreclosures and unemployment at all time highs, business profits, savings accounts, and any future plans also may need revising.

So where do we start when no one seems to have been through these multitude of issues in our lifetime?   We start with a Positive Attitude.  No one person is responsible for our economic situation.  Now is not the time for brothers to be against brothers, for families to blame one another and for partners to disagree.   What may appear to be tragic can still bring blessings if the focus is on moving forward with a positive momentum.    Misery does love company but avoid this negative peer pressure.    Spend time with other business owners and friends that are upbeat.  These peers might spark new ideas resulting in new accomplishments.    

If there is something of value that you have lost, take the time to Grieve the Loss, but do neither yourself nor anyone else any harm as you progress through the process.    Try to remember it is just stuff and can be replaced.  If you never get the chance to replace it, you were not taking it with you so you have just had the yard sale early.  Your children will be blessed. 

If you or your business is struggling, remember Bankruptcy is not the only alternative.   With the integrity of paying our debts comes the issue of quieting our creditors long enough to become profitable in order to pay them.  All of this takes time and energy.   It is possible to do Reorganization with creditors without the expense and labeling of bankruptcy.    

Look for the Positives in your everyday world.    Several years ago my son was pursuing his dream of Medical School when a car accident took his life.  As my daughters grieved for their brother and I for my son, we wondered how the sun could possibly come out tomorrow and why the world had not been notified that it should have stopped spinning.  We truly wondered when we would cease breathing.    Now many years later we are so very thankful for the beautiful sunshine and the wonderful family trips we enjoy.  We breathe freely and find blessings, not only in today, but in the very tragedy that changed our lives forever.   

The events in our world today are affecting everyone at some level.  Our friends are losing jobs and homes.  Donations to our churches and charities are reduced.  Businesses are struggling and some are gone forever.   We must do all we can to make our businesses, families & friendships even stronger than they have ever been before.    We can only Reap what we Sow so we need to be about the business of Planning our next moves. 

Whatever you may be facing, know that it is sifted through the hands of God and one day you will look back to see how far you have Continued to Run the Race.    




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