Operational & Financial Analysis: Keep that Forward Movement

Jun 30, 2012

Moving forwardYou have worked hard to reach this level in your business. You are no longer a struggling startup company. What should you be looking at as you move into this higher level?  At first it was just you and a skeleton staff.  You tried to do as much of the bookkeeping yourself.  Then you added a bookkeeper, but now wonder if this is enough as you reached the $1M level of revenue more rapidly than expected.  In times like this, you cannot take chances when it comes to the financial side of your business.

This might be just the time to look into having an operational & financial analysis done of your business.  Perhaps you feel you are not ready for a full-time financial officer, but having a company who offers CFO services as you need it, may be just what you are ready for.  A thorough review of your plans and suggestions regarding the next step may be of great value--to keep the forward momentum.

You know you may have to adjust your game plan, but exactly is the question at this stage.  Thinking about it, churning it over and over, has you totally stressed out. Yes, you are excited about the growth of your company but you are also aware that if you make the wrong choices now, the losses will be more severe.

Our job is to help you keep on track. We have 220 partners in 45 states ready to help you make the needed decisions. You can download our TheGamePlanTM brochure and our ebook: The Ultimate Small Business Playbook from our homepage. Both will help you learn the areas where you need to give more focus to and what moves may be required.

Our strategy starts with The Discovery AnalysisTMDiscoveryThis process reviews your company’s financial background and its current situation. Our partners will work with you to implement the right plan  for your company. The timeline as well as any costs are flexible.

We would like to become a ”long-term, trusted business advisor to your company.”  The last thing we want to be to your business is a distraction. We would be there to help, not take over. In our book, Avoiding the Danger Zone, we include a statement made by George Segal, the founder and CEO of Crate and Barrel. He stated:

“Getting distracted is the biggest problem entrepreneurs face.”

Over time we will review your progress and listen to your ideas and future goals. From here we will make suggestions about possible changes that will best implement these goals. We will also evaluate the value of your goals, helping you fine tune them if needed.

Contact us, our expertise is there; ready to help you make that dream remain a secure happening for your company.


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