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Profitability And Your Finance Staff

Are your profits where you want them to be? Has your CFO/Controller/CPA helped you to really understand what is driving your company profits or losses? 

 Does your Controller or CFO spend most of his/her time fighting fires, closing the books,  processing transactions, managing HR clerical issues and performing other non-value added services?  Is he/she overwhelmed?


 Does your CFO/Controller add tremendous value to your company by:

  • Clearly identifying the profitability drivers of your business and leading and driving profitability improvement initiatives for each of them?
  • Providing on-going financial analysis of operations that identifies where actions are needed to improve profitability?
  • Maintaining up-to-date overhead rates so you understand the true cost of making and selling your products and services.
  • Providing quoting and pricing models so you understand the real P&L and cash affect of winning business and know how to price your products or services to win business?
  • Employing techniques like 80/20 to improve your business?
  • Leading or playing a key role in your strategic planning process to develop ideas and strategic initiatives to make your company a market leader?
  • Creating pro-forma financial projections and in-depth financial analyses of new products/services/opportunities to validate major business decisions?
  • Squeezing down working capital and improving the cash position.
  • Helping the company increase sales? (Yes, really, the CFO!)

 I help companies with and without CFO’s to improve their profitability and financial management and help their financial staff to be more effective. How much would even a small 1-2% improvement to your bottom line mean to you?

 If your financial staff is not addressing all of these areas, your firm could be more profitable. Please contact me at 608-576-3773 to set up a short meeting to learn more.


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