Testimonial - Sandra Ramsey Colleague

Mar 18, 2011

I worked with Tamara Clontz at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center from the fall of 2007 until January 2011. Tamara worked in the Accounting Office as Director of Finance. I was in a different department, but our offices were located side by side. With a delightfully friendly personality, Tamara was a pleasure to work with. Getting to know her at Renfro Valley, we became more than just friends at work. Even though I am no longer employed by Renfro Valley, we stay in touch and will be life-long friends. An extremely valuable asset to Renfro Valley, one of Tamara's first duties was to set up software to computerize the company's numerous financial reports. These reports had previously been done manually, as other employees did not know how to set it up in the computer. This saved the Accounting Department many work hours, which saved the company a considerable amount of money. Tamara was always happy to help other employees and departments with her knowledge of computers. She was the person we called for IT and networking problems, which she consistently solved. I am not familiar with every task Tamara's position required at Renfro Valley. However, she was so efficient that when it no longer became necessary to work full-time to complete her job duties, we said she had worked herself out of a job. She is definitely good at what she does! Tamara's honesty and work ethic is above reproach. Always professional and very knowledgeable, for financial advice your business would surely benefit choosing Tamara Clontz to improve its finances and record keeping. Sincerely, Sandra Ramsey Mount Vernon, Ky 40456


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