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Success Stories Rick Perrin B2B CFO Partner

Large Marine Client: Developed a robust financial model to analyze and improve the company and it's six lines of business. We identified problem areas and are developing focused plans to improve them. Developed and implemented their first real budget and monthly follow-up to achieve plans. Assist and mentor the Controller.
$20MM+ Manufacturer: We brought accounting in-house from outside CPA in two months. We developed and implemented new costing practices which are being used to identify and improve low margin products. Pricing models and strategies were developed for improving profitability and sales of large engineered to order projects. We are now developing strategies for significant growth.


100+ Employee Software Company: Automated revenue recognition and forecasting, implemented a robust budgeting process and streamlined many other accounting processes while at the same time, replacing a CFO and a Director of Accounting with an Accounting Manager and a B2B CFO.

Fast Growing Pharma Client: Revised financial reporting so management understands financial metrics of the business and where to focus improvement efforts. Designed and built a comprehensive costing model for pricing and quoting projects to ensure profitability, identify good and bad projects and drive increased sales. Built a budget and profit plan to identify and help reach financial goals.

$36MM Manufacturer/Distributor: $2+MM in Two Days: I saved the company over $2 million in the first two days on site by analyzing the business and preventing a very big financial mistake. Created a complex financial model to analyze and save a major line of business. Analyzed operations and provided the CEO and CFO with a roadmap to stop $150K+ in monthly losses.


Multi-Location Warehouse/Services Firm: Built financial and costing models to identify financial drivers and calculate overhead costing rates for storage and handling services; it was used to improve pricing decisions and profitability.


$30MM Manufacturer/Distributor:Managed financial aspects of transition from a joint venture to a stand-alone operation. Secured financing, set up systems and directed accounting operations.


$2MM Engineering Consulting Firm: Installed a complete financial management program including product line profitability statements, overhead rates, quoting and pricing programs, monthly operations and staff productivity reports, forecasting tools and a tax management program. Owners gained a complete understanding of the financial dynamics of their company to compete better and increase profitability.


Non-Profit Operator of 3 Medical and 3 Dental Clinics: Developed a financial model with metrics to analyze operations and improve profitability. Revamped numerous accounting practices to improve accuracy and efficiency and help their CEO, CFO and Controller gain a much better understanding of operational profitability. Developed a site model for creating pro-forma P&L's for new potential locations. Identified and recovered over $250,000 in billings not paid by the State.


$20MM Fast Growing Non-Profit: Developed a tool for the Executive Director to manage the budgets, personnel and cost allocations for all programs (including a new $4MM state-wide program) for this fast-growing non-profit. Led the effort to find a new accounting and project managment solution to manage a large new program. Provide on-going financial counsel to the Executive Director and accountant.

Financial Services Company: Completed a customer/pricing analysis with recommendations, leading to new pricing strategies and increased sales. Built a profitability model and a model to analyze acquisitions. Built a financial model and dashboards to analyze monthly operations and montior KPI's and financial metrics.


$9MM Specialty Contractor: Developed and implemented job costing strategies and programs for analyzing and improving profitability, a financial reporting system for better understanding profitability and improving cash flow and implemented a perpetual inventory system to control inventory.


Fast Growing Retail Franchise Chain: Developed a unique model to analyze every financial aspect of individual store results and calculate KPI's, and compare them with other stores in the chain. Reports are being used by the franchisor and franchisees in order to help them increase profitability and cash flow.


Commercial Contractor: Created a financial model to analyze operations and automatically calculate overhead rates for improved pricing decisions. Built a model to improve the quoting process which gave management a better understanding of the financial and cost impact of jobs bid.


Manufacturing Company: Provided business advice to the owner, developed financial analyses, job costing and reporting systems, and assisted with financings and multiple product line acquisitions. The work helped the company to reach the Inc. 5000, one of the fastest growing firms in the U.S.


Large Health Care Provider: Analyzed the entire purchasing function of the multi-site organization and provided recommendations leading to efficiency improvements and cost reduction.


Large Madison Non-Profit: Led the strategic planning process for three years in a row at a large, prominent non-profit.


Multi-State Document Security Company: Designed and implemented management reporting systems and budgets, assisted with strategic planning and financial strategies for roll-ups with synergistic companies.


Van Mell Associates.com: As the financial team member of Van Mell Associates, helped a number of Madison area organizations develop their important strategic goals and annual business plans. Organizations raged from $2MM non-profits to $400MM private companies.


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