Testimonial - Chamberlain Research Consultants Madison Wisconsin

Dec 17, 2009

“Rick is a god-send. Chamberlain gets a top notch CFO at less than full time who has helped us analyze and understand our profitability drivers and helped us implement changes to increase our bottom line.  He also brought our monthly accounting processes in-house and trained our accountant.  He continues to act as a trusted advisor to the company. When we need Rick, he is there and when we don't, he isn't. We're happy to pay for the great advice he gives.”

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About the Author

Rick has over 35 years of broad-based financial and operations experience in manufacturing, retail, construction, software, non-profit and service firms, and as a CPA and consultant. He has extensive experience leading companies through high growth, and is particularly adept at driving increased sales, operational improvement and profitability. Rick is also a Certified Business Transition ExpertTM and helps business owners to successfully transition their businesses to new owners, family, or employees.

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