Testimonial - Fred Lake Company

Apr 05, 2010

Chris compliments my style of leadership and is very careful not to overstep his role.  He tells me what I need to hear, when I need to hear it.  I am learning to depend on him and value his input on critical business decisions.  I would definitely recommend him to any business owner that is feeling trapped by cash flow constraints and concern over current bank relationships.  Chris is a pro and knows how to take on some of that pressure so that the business owner can focus on running and growing the business.
David Atwell
Fred Lake Company

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About the Author

Chris joined B2B CFO® in July 2, 2009. His has served many companies, ranging from $500,000 to $90 million in sales, supplying CFO services on an as-needed basis. Industries served include manufacturing, distribution, retail, chemical, construction, and various service industries. While each company is very different, they all share the same goal of increasing profits and cash performance.

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