Testimonial - From Universal Transportation Services Brent Bois President

Aug 12, 2010

Ken was lucky enough to get involved with our organization during a time of chaos within our accounting department.  Our director of finance had just quit and we were months behind in producing financial statements. Ken was able to step in and provide structure and focus to the department in a short period of time.  In addition, he was able to use his networking skills to find a replacement for the finance director's position.  Since then he has been able to take a step back and provide guidance on current financial issues while assisting with forecasting and planning for the future.  Ken has been a great asset to our company!

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About the Author

Ken continues to build on his many years of progressive, wide-ranging financial and business leadership experience. While operating in a variety of large manufacturing and consumer products concerns, he successfully built and led exemplary financial and IT organizations with four different corporations over the course of his twenty year career prior to joining B2B CFO. During his corporate career, Ken held positions ranging from entry level Financial Analyst, to SVP of Finance, IT and Business Insights and Global Director of Finance and Planning while encompassing both domestic and international responsibilities. Ken has eighteen years experience in the CFO role at different companies ranging in size from $1M to $1.7B. His career has spanned numerous cities including Dallas and Pittsburgh with Midwest stints in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and, currently, Minneapolis.

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