Testimonial - Lou Morales Former Coo Of Ecommlink

Jun 23, 2010

Lou Morales, former COO of eCommLink (Current President of Employ America)

"I worked with Mark at eCommLink where he was hired to provide CFO services for a company that was weak on process, controls, and reports – in short, it was a financial challenge that would have been difficult for a team of individuals, let alone one man. Mark rolled up his sleeves, identified and prioritized what needed to be done and got to work. In a period of time a lot quicker than I would have imagined, Mark accomplished what needed to be done. He is the ultimate financial professional who would be an asset on anyone’s senior management team."


About the Author

As a partner with B2B CFO, Mark provides advisory and transitional services to middle-market business leadership. With a passion for small and middle-market businesses, he has efficiently partnered with owners to navigate through complex operational and financial challenges. He has focused owners towards the impact of business decisions and management team alignments, on realizing a company’s long-range goals. He has assisted owners in maximizing their company’s enterprise value, making the company more attractive to financial institutions, investors, potential buyers, and employees. Mark never loses site of what every owner knows: employees are their most valuable asset.

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