Testimonial - Residential Real Estate Developer

Feb 16, 2010

We started out our business as two smart people who knew everything, yet we were very naïve.    As we grew very fast, accounting issues grew as well.  Joanie was not our first experience into learning the ropes, due to the cost, but once we engaged her we had a very good teacher and exactly what we needed.  She told us things we did not want to hear but what was necessary in order for us to grow successfully.  Once we implemented her recommendations we achieved such positive results it became second nature to just trust her.  She saved us time and money, made complex situations seem simple and organized us in such a way that we could take charge of our future growth.    We are still growing, thanks to her guidance. 

                                                                                    Dwayne & Cassie Shears

                                                                                    Shears Enterprises, L.L.C.


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