Testimonial - Supremesoft Corporation

Jun 28, 2011

Gene's expertise in accounting, finance, risk management, work process, and commercial lending have been real benefits to Supremesoft. His experience in IT Staffing and Services has combined with the aforementioned skills, to effectively support our strategic planning effort. In a nutshell, Gene is a great addition for our team who is contributing to our success. Siva Ravi Co-Founder


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About the Author

Gene provides companies in the Metropolitan Washington DC area with on-site Chief Financial Officer services on an as needed, cost effective basis. His 30 years of experience range from commercial banker to entrepreneur to CFO, resulting in a thorough understanding for what it takes to maximize a business's cash flow, profits, and value. Gene's extensive background in serving both commercial and federal government clients, across the banking, real estate, outsourcing, staffing, and IT service sectors, has prepared him for supporting firms in areas such as:

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