The advantages of CFO Services

May 22, 2012


Whether you are selling cookies, or own a multi-million dollar corporation (or in this case up to $75 million), everyone needs a CFO. For the smaller companies, B2B CFO offers CFO services.On-Demand

Everyone needs some financial help, and what is better for a new business than to be able to hire this help without having to pay full price? These financial advisors work on an "as-need basis". The advisors work with multiple companies so that you do not need to pay them for full time. They are only there when you want them.

B2B CFO is perfect for start-up businesses that have somewhere from $1million-$30million in revenues. B2B CFO is an affordable way for these companies to really get themselves off the ground. Chron says,

CFO Publishing LLC and online B2B marketplace RapidBuyr announced today the launch of CFO Deals, a partnership offering mission-critical savings on essential business products and services to nearly one million finance executives in the CFO network. CFO is the premier publisher of high quality, relevant content and advice for finance executives across an array of industries, through, CFO magazine, and their conference and research business.

B2B CFO is the best company to use when you are starting up a business. When everything is busy and hectic, you need to know that there is someone there to deal with all of the finances. When starting a new business, B2B CFO is the best and only way to go!

Contact us when you are ready to let someone else control the finances of your new business.



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