The Al and Sharyne Wallace Foundation, Inc.

Feb 04, 2014

When we sold our business we were undecided about how to invest the money. Our financial confidant and friend, Joanie Gable, did not hesitate. Your family needs to start a Family Charitable Foundation. We were unfamiliar with this concept but having known and trusted Joanie in excess of 20 years, we invested in pursuing the opportunities. She was correct that our family is a giving family, into missions and other charities and we could leave a legacy that would last many generations to come. It was really nice that this strategy would save tax dollars that we could then give away. As it turned out, the immediate cause we were to support was right in our family. Our son-in-law, a former NFL player has endured post-concussion related symptoms for years with little understanding f the condition. As we studied the invisible injury of concussion and head trauma, we decided to make it a visible issue through our Family Foundation. Our mission to educate and raise awareness through our Wise Up! Initiative enables family to spend time and work together while reaching our world with a message of hope and change. Thanks to Joanie's vision, wisdom, encouragement and heart for others, we are making a difference.


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