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What We Are And What We Are Not

Nov 23, 2009

As a Partner with B2B CFO® I am an "as needed" CFO.  We are here when you need us and when we are here we will give you 100% of our efforts.

What we are not is a Part Time CFO, Fractional CFO, or an Interim CFO.   Those terms indicate I will only help you part of my time, you can divide me up, or I will be here for a project then I am gone.  This is not who we are.

I had a phone conversation with one of my clients a short time ago on a Saturday.  He needed me and he called.  I gave him the input he needed and helped him in his situation.  I was there when he needed me.


Honesty is doing the right thing.  Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.





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