What We Bring To The Table

Jul 30, 2009

I recently met with one of those amazing people often referred to as “serial entrepreneurs.”He is running companies # 3 and #4, but he is already formulating numbers 5, 6 and beyond!  I have always marveled at people whose brains can work at that many levels.  My money is on America’s entrepreneurial spirit to lead us out of our economic malaise, ahead of Washington and Wall Street.  But enough of politics and economics.


This entrepreneur asked me: “If you are a B2B CFO® on a less than full time basis, how do you develop the kind of passion that is shared by employees who live the business every day?  They live and breathe the air here, and they have stock option and bonus potential which drives them to break down walls to be successful!”  


Since I had never been asked this question before, what came out was a raw, unrehearsed answer.  After I finished, I wondered how I had done.  The more I have thought about it, though, the more comfortable I am with my answer, which went something like this:


First, I can get as excited about a good idea as anyone, and I understand that it is this excitement that fuels growing ventures.  It is not true that we financial types can only say “No” to every new idea!


On the other hand, this kind of entrepreneurial situation is prime territory for “groupthink” and a lack of adequate consideration being given to all of the potential implications of various business decisions…negative as well as positive implications. Sometimes it is not a popular position for an individual to express an opinion that is contrary to that of the entrepreneur or to that of the rest of the group. 


Also, we have seen what happens when a group gets so focused on bottom line and their own compensation that they exclude consideration of all other factors…think Enron and you will understand what I mean.



 The Core Values of B2B CFO® are Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity.  I truly believe that these are valuable ingredients we bring to the table. 


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