When Does An End Become A Beginning

Jul 09, 2011

I watched the shuttle launch on Friday morning with mixed feelings.  Witnessing the last launch made me think of how far we've come, the tragedies we've survived, the triumphs...  But even as the build up for the launch was occurring, clever entrepreneurs have been talking about options to continue the program as a private venture.  Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson already has hundreds of excited travelers signed up for future launches.  The private programs will use newer, better technology, and will likely improve the end results exponentially.


Products and services have natural life cycles.  For a while, something may be all the rage, but it will eventually be replaced with something better, faster, bigger (or smaller), or otherwise more interesting.  A business with a sound strategy will watch the horizon, and prepare for the day that their "cash cow" finishes its run long before that day actually arrives.  And (likely with mixed feelings) the business will launch newer, better products, ever improving their customer experience.


But change is difficult.  It’s a challenge to communicate, implement, and complete.  For every person that embraces a change, there will be at least two others arguing why it will never work.  I did a Google search for quotes about change, and it appears that the list of options is endless.  A couple of my favorites are included below:


Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions. ~Ellen Glasgow

Lets keep out of the ruts, shall we?


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