Working on your Business???

May 10, 2012

Do you often find your view of your employee's is not "up to your satisfaction? The answer may be you and not your employee. George Hedley, a licensed business coach, stated recently that 3 main areas warrant your attention.
Develop Problem Solvers: Not a good sign to have a line of employees outside your office, give them the the latitude to make decisions, make them accountable with responsibilty to perform.
Achieve High Performance: As a leader, you need to delegate, encourage and coach. Let go, employees want to follow leaders who trust them and give them responsibilty. This will not happen overnight, give it time, patience and trust.
Delegate Successfully: Don't try to answer and handle all incoming customer calls and issues. Listen and then turn over the issue to a manager or supervisor. They make mistakes, but when you ask them to be accountable, they will usually make careful decisions.
Good luck with the process! 


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