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Survey Reveals Need for Collaboration on Top Risks 

As business leaders plan and prepare for the future, there are many things to consider. A recent global survey was conducted with close to 1,100 business executives and to no surprise, pandemic-related policies, regulations and market conditions dominated the list of risk concerns for 2021. However, over the next decade, their attention shifts to the…

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business man balancing out financial risk

How to Maximize Profits Using Leverage

If you are looking for creative ways to maximize profits, you may want to consider if financial leverage would work for your particular business. Financial leverage is a way to use debt to earn profits above and beyond a business’s natural limits. However, borrowing too much money could put you in bankruptcy. To learn more…

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Research Reveals Strategic Imperatives for 2021 and Beyond

Many valuable lessons have been learned as we forged through 2020 and they are now making their way into CFO priorities for the year ahead. According to research conducted by Jack McCullough, Founder and president of the CFO Leadership Council, priorities will vary by industry but certain commonalities have emerged for all businesses. This research…

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3 Narratives to Drive Success in 2021 and Beyond

Throughout 2020, changing realities have driven businesses to adapt to new realities and readjust their strategic priorities. This changing landscape has caused companies to refine their focus on key areas to survive. According to a survey of more than 1,000 CFOs across multiples industries by Protiviti, there are three narratives that companies need to focus…

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business man holding a tablet with cash flow projections

How to Successfully Leverage Cash Flow Through a Crisis

Prior to the pandemic, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study found that 80 percent of small business owners were comfortable with their cash flow, but as COVID hit, that number fell to 59 percent. Sadly, many businesses have had to close their doors. Maintaining a positive cash flow through this volatile economy is critical to…

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business professional working on digital tablet

Financial Digitalization: A Key to Survival in Volatile Times

In a recent survey by Workday, nearly half of CFOs surveyed believed that critical business decisions were delayed by finance not being able to deliver meaningful insights from data. The good news is that those who did have advanced digital strategies in place were able to make decisions to move forward more successfully. As we…

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Businessman or financial expert analyze business report graph and finance chart

How to Conduct Financial Planning During a Season of Uncertainty

The financial planning season is approaching and businesses are realizing that their traditional planning methods are not designed to cope with the multitude of issues they are facing today.  Current strategies must be steeped with greater readiness allowing businesses to easily and fluidly accommodate the impact of further unexpected events. To learn more about some…

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Executives putting together financial puzzle

How to Put Together the Financial Digitalization Puzzle in Our Increasingly Virtual World

The recent jolt to business logistics due to COVID-19 has made corporate planning similar to putting together a 2000 piece puzzle without having a picture of the puzzle to guide you. As a result, unknown procedural weaknesses have been revealed. One area this new more virtual world has shed light on is the need for…

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Increase Stability and Success With Financial Controls

Although many things have changed in the financial world, one thing that has remained the same is the need for financial controls. However, prior to implementing new financial controls, a thorough analysis of existing policies and the company’s future outlook is encouraged. For more information about how financial controls are defined and their importance, I…

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How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Selling Your Business

Are you selling your business or thinking about selling it in the future? If so, there are many mistakes that can derail the process and lower your company’s value. However, if you know where to focus your attention to represent your business favorably to prospective buyers, you can achieve a much better outcome. One of the…

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