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Do Positive Profits Ensure Adequate Cash?

I was once introduced to a business owner that had a problem he could not grasp.  During our initial meeting, he could not understand why his company had little cash.  The net income of his company was positive, and in addition, he collected from his customers in advance.  This is a situation I have encountered…

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Increase Knowledge

This is the time of the year when many individuals set their goals for the new year.  Companies have already set their plans and target goals by now and will finalize them with some changes as the year comes to a close.  Of all of the various goals set, I hope one of them is…

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Going Bowling

For college football fans this is the time of the year when the various committees select teams to compete in the different bowl games played throughout the country.  It is an exciting time for fans, players, and coaches.  It represents the achievement of goals for many of the teams and serves as a reward for…

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Basic Rules of Cash

At the top of every business owners’ priority list should be the accumulation and preservation of cash.  When cash is a top priority it acts as a safety net for unexpected events, provides additional options for business decisions that may not otherwise be available, and the best incentive is the peace of mind it gives…

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The Tape Never Lies

In his most recent book, Rebound Rules, The Art of Success 2.0, Rick Pitino writes about steps to improvement in a chapter entitled “Achieving Greatness”. He writes, “the steps toward improvement generally require seeking and accepting feedback from colleagues and superiors. Most of us fight the bare truth of honest feedback, but it’s critical in striving to be…

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Three areas for sales quality

Sales Quality

Company A and Company B currently have identical sales numbers.  However, there is a big difference in having equal sales from a numbers standpoint and what the quality of those sales are to each business.  The quality of the sales is much more important to the financial strength of the business and the potential value. …

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Teams Win

While describing the 1989 Detroit Pistons, Isiah Thomas had this to say about that team. “Lots of times, on our team, you can’t tell who the best player in the game was.  ‘Cause everybody did something good.  That’s what makes us so good.  The other team has to worry about stopping eight or nine people…

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Avoid a Collapse in Your Business

An ESPN article recently discussed the current San Francisco Giant’s skid since the all-star break,  going from the best record,  to now struggling to make the playoffs.  The author went on to compare how a collapse by the current Giants would compare to other epic collapses of the past including the 2014 A’s, 2012 Rangers,…

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Well-Rounded Company

How to Build a Well-Rounded Company

Every business owner is unique, and consequently, every business is unique.  Companies that have endured the start-up and are currently growing successfully have either produced a product or service that is unique to the market, or have taken a product or service that is already saturated in the market,  but through their exceptional service and…

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Business Staying Late

Running a Successful Business, a Continuous Struggle

Running a successful company is a continuous struggle.  I was recently reading an article in Inc. in which Robert Herjavec stated on running a great business, “there’s no point that you get to and say, ‘Aha! I have arrived.’  Shark Tank has taught me that any business is a continuous uphill battle( Herjavec, p.41).” This…

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