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This Market is Different . . . Really?

Years ago, I was listening to an interview of well known, investor John C. Bogle, founder of Vanguard.  Bogle was asked “what is the greatest mistake you see made by investors and investment advisors?”  Bogle’s response (without any hesitation) was the attitude ‘this market is different.’  He went on to explain the fundamentals of sound…

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What’s in your engine?

I remember an advertisement promoting a certain brand of gasoline that asked the question, “What’s in your engine?” The message of the ad was that their brand of gasoline was better than the competition. Why? Their brand made the engine run cleaner. When the engine ran cleaner, it was more efficient and needed fewer repairs. …

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Business profits and football

The Secret to Success in Business

I was a “child of the sixties” from a rural Texas town. I was a big NFL fan. This phrase for most people brings to mind flower children on college campuses (hippies) and Woodstock.  For me it meant Joe Namath’s New York Jets beating the Colts in 1969 for the first AFL Super Bowl win.…

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Thank You to My Clients and Referral Partners!

Not too long ago, Governor Abbott ‘set us free’ after almost 12 months of restrictions due to the COVID pandemic. Whether we agree with his decision to enact the restrictions or to remove the restrictions, it has certainly been a unique experience. Normally, I would say it is something that “I will tell my grandkids…

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