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The Green Bay Packers, winners of the last Super Bowl, were able to take home the Lombardi trophy. This trophy was named after the legendary Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi who coached the Packers to wins in the first two Super Bowls (this was in the 60s for those of you too young to…

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What’s In Your Engine

I remember an advertisement promoting a certain brand of gasoline that asked the question, “What’s in your engine?”. The message of the ad was that their brand of gasoline was better than the competition. Why? Their brand made the engine run cleaner. When the engine ran cleaner it was more efficient and needed fewer repairs.…

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It is HOT in Texas!

It is sumer time in Texas and it is HOT!! Depending on who you listen to, this may be one of the hottest summers ever. Not just in Texas, but in many parts of the country. The house I grew up in as a child had no air conditioning. The Texas summers have always been…

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2012 is coming . . . it’s budget time!

It may seem that 2011 just began, but in reality we are closer to the end of 2011 than we are the beginning. This means that prudent business people are now thinking and planning for 2012. Prudent business people are not looking past the necessity to finish 2011 on a strong note. They understand that…

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